Beat The Threat Of Coronavirus With Clean & Hygienic Isolation Houses In Kolkata

The whole of India is battling the threat of Coronavirus. And the only way you can keep safe from it is by taking proper precautions. Kolkata is the capital city of West Bengal and a major metro of the country is facing its share of struggle fighting the COVID19 threat. Now that the Prime Minister of India has announced a lockdown for 21 days, tourists and visitors from outside state and countries who are trapped in the city have nowhere to go but to keep themselves isolated in service apartment in Kolkata.

Good Place For Isolation Amid COVID19 Threat

For such people who want to keep themselves safe from the deadly virus the best way is to opt for service apartments that are clean, neat and hygienic. These apartments have multiple features that make them highly appropriate as isolation houses. The first requirement in such dire circumstances is for a place that has all the resources necessary for living at home for long days.

Service apartments in Kolkata are equipped with all the urban amenities including kitchen appliances, washing machines as well as Wi-Fi connection and television.  It ensures that you can live for a fortnight or more in the apartment without any problem as you have all means of entertainment, recreation, and luxury at your behest.

You can use the kitchen in these apartments for preparing meals of your choice and even clean your clothes in the washing machine. It means you do not have to go out and can keep yourself safe from the threat of COVID19.

Located In Prominent Location

More often these apartments are located in prominent locations. It means major landmarks like hospitals and grocery shops are in close vicinity. So in the situation of a lockdown if you are forced to go on feet it is never a problem as all the shops and places of importance are easily accessible.


Get Nostalgic Exploring Colonial Architecture In Kolkata

Kolkata is a city of joy that offers a multitude of colors for enjoying and living life to the full. Be it its special cuisines or its historical legacy the city never fails to impress those who are on their first visit. This capital city of West Bengal beckons tourists from all over the world every year for its awesome display of cultural fests, events, festivals and more. You can enjoy your stay in the city by booking at one of the service apartments Kolkata.

Iconic Monuments Attracting Tourists

Most of the iconic monuments in the city are located around the Hogg’s Market and Maidan. One of the famous monuments in this vicinity is the Victoria Memorial which is a white marble monument that was built between 1906 and 1921 in honor of Great Britain’s Queen Victoria after her death. Read more

How the city of joy enjoys the festival of colors

Just when thetrees start shedding its leaves and the winter starts bidding goodbye, the people of Kolkata comes together to enjoy the auspicious occasion of Holi. The festival of Holi is an emotion for the city of joy. Holi, which is also known as Dol in Kolkata, is an amazing way to enjoy vibrant colors. It is one of the best festivals that you can witness in India. It is a festival of togetherness, brotherhood, love, friendship transcending all caste, community and religious barriers. Read more

Savouring your taste buds with the must eateries of kolkata

Kolkata – The city of joy gives joy to all its travellers who have cravings for savouring their taste buds. It is heaven for foodies especially for one with sweet and hot tastes. The sweets of Bengal specially Roshogullas & Sondesh need no mention. However, the spicy, zesty delicacies of Bengal ranging available across the street will not fail to impress you. Adding to the list is the traditional Chinese and Tibetan food that will spoil your choices. Read more

How Can You Be Better Off Booking A Service Apartment In Kolkata

When you are on the move especially for doing some important task, the first thing that you do not want to compromise on is your accommodation. Kolkata is a joyful city known for its historic relevance as well as rapid development. So while you are at work and also at leisure planning to enjoy some satisfying and happy moments in the “City of Joy” service apartment in Kolkata is that can put you at ease. Read more

The Kolkata Based Service Apartments as Per Your Expectation

Service Apartment in Kolkata offers to rent and book a selection of 48 apartments in Kolkata with good ratings and reviews. Such individual accommodations will always be the main alternative to hotel reservations. Typically, apartments are chosen by travelers who prefer comfort and familiar living conditions when traveling. Read more

Accommodation Options At Best with Best Service Apartments in Kolkata

Kolkata, the land of appreciable paradoxes, has consistently fascinated anybody visits the city. It’s rich past as the first capital of the British Raj, commercial and industrial decay from 60’s through 90’s, and the ongoing progressing restoration make an incredible baffling cocktail. The cultural uniqueness and energy of Kolkata is communicated through its political cognizance, festivals, craftsmanship displays, theater shows, films, and the quintessential adda (inert chat just about anything). Read more

Kolkata Calling and the best of Service Apartments

Kolkata is the administrative center of West Bengal and the country’s largest city, one of the ten largest cities in the world. The Hooghly River divides Calcutta into the western (actually the territory of the city of Howra, Howrah) and the eastern parts (in fact, it is Kolkata). Read more

The Kolkata Discovery For You

A trip to Kolkata is often not easy, indeed Calcutta is a city with a bad reputation. Yet if you visit this city you will quickly understand that it has more to offer than the mother organization Theresa and has hidden gems in the Lonely Planet. Be it you stay at the hotels or Service Apartment in Kolkata, find the solace in City of Joy. Read more

Live at the city of joy, Kolkata

Enjoy the history and beauty of Kolkata


Kolkata has been named to be one of the very few places in India which offers the most outrageous private properties for everyone at reasonable rates. With amazing wonderful greatness in offer by far most would imagine that its hard to contradict not to live in such regions of Kolkata with such stylish conditions that would tidy up your mind. This is for this very reason people similarly as tourists will by and large go for living in Kolkata as properties, for instance, New Town and Jadavpur are relatively few of the most admirable private spot. It is extremely easy to find moderate nearby areas in Kolkata with such gigantic quantities of decisions to peruse. There are different reasons concerning why you ought to go for Kolkata as your top living objective. Top residential areas such as Bowbazaar, Dum Dum, Lake Town, Chinar Park, Baguiati or some central locations such as Park Street or Salt Lake provide some of the most favorable service apartment in Kolkata. Finding apartment suites in these domains would be to a lesser degree an irksome as each and every local gives the best of private spots for everyone. Read more