Get the best Deals from the Service Apartments

You have probably heard of cases of scams for vacation rentals on the internet. Some malicious people publish fake ads on private ad platforms in order to scam internet users looking for a detached house, a cottage or an apartment for rent for the holidays. For the Serviced Apartments in Salt Lake Kolkata now you will be having the best deals available now.

Request for payment of 50% or the totality of the rent in advance, transfer to bank accounts abroad, non-existent housing, false promotion, unreachable owner … many cases exist.

In case you visit several websites looking for the ideal Serviced Apartments in Salt Lake Kolkata for your next vacation, always be vigilant! Find out about the site in question and the source of the published offers.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, Serviced Apartments in Park Street Kolkata offers 7 good reflexes to take to avoid scams for vacation rentals:

  1. Beware of too tempting offers

Some Serviced Apartments in New Town Kolkata offer unbeatable rates . In order to get rid of as many people as possible, it happens that dishonest people try to “bait” with very attractive offers.

In case you come across an advertisement for a holiday rental at a price very (if not too) interesting, we invite you to compare with similar accommodation offers (goods, places, periods …).

  1. Contact the owner

In the case of an ad from individuals to individuals or the details of the owner are published on the page, the contact must be systematic: A simple email is not sufficient to make a reservation. When validating the reservation and BEFORE making any payment, it is necessary to contact the owner by telephone to talk with him and especially to verify that the given number is valid.

  1. Beware of payments abroad

This means of payment is to send money to a post office that the recipient will withdraw with a name (sometimes a false identity) and a transaction code provided by the payer. You should know that unlike The Serviced Apartments in New Town Kolkata may also tip the employees of the post office to “facilitate” the transaction.

These malicious people (hustlers) can also ask you to pay by bank transfer. Some bank accounts may be opened with fake identities. Keep in mind that the legislation on opening bank accounts may vary from country to country.

  1. Do not pay more than 30% down payment in advance

Do not pay the entire payment before going to the location of the rental (limit 30%): If the “owner” asks you to pay more than 30% down payment, or even the total rent before you go on the place of stay, it is better to beware and refuse.

  1. Read the entire rental agreement

Lease legislation: The lease for the Serviced Apartments in Park Street Kolkata must be written in duplicate and signed by both parties. We invite you to read it in its entirety before sending it back.

  1. Check the existence of accommodation

Do the photos match the ad? In some cases of fraudulent ads, the photos of the holiday accommodation do not match the described accommodation or belong to different accommodations.