The Finest Deals for the Short Term Rentals

When considering family vacations, the choice of accommodation is a determining factor, and for several reasons. First, it is often the most important expense in the trip budget and therefore, it is important to choose it well. But also because spending a week in a poorly adapted housing for children, it can quickly become hell for the parents. Here are some tips to choose your Short Term Rentals Kolkata! Read more

The Best of Short Term rentals in Kolkata

The Indian government has been trying to reanimate the hotel business for more than ten years. One after another, resolutions are signed, old hotels are demolished and new ones appear. But the hotel services market doesn’t help officials: the return on investment in it remains low, business processes still suffer from administrative resources, and serious people prefer to invest in more profitable segments. For example, in service apartments, a kind of hybrid of a mini-hotel and an expensive rental apartment. Read more