How would you spend an amazing time in Kolkata?

The French author Dominique Lapierre had named Kolkata the ‘City of Joy’ and it is not to difficult to see why. No matter the season, the city is bustling with activities. There is some occasion in every season as the city has welcomed all the different communities. Be it the New Year or Christmas celebrations, the auspicious festivities of the Durga Puja or celebrating Eid ul-Fitr at the end of Ramzan, you would find everything here. While you are planning to have the most fantastic stay in Kolkata, do try out the Short Term Rentals Kolkata. The rentals from Olive offers a selection of choices that are much better than the expensive hotels.

Get the best accommodation with the required privacy

The Short Term Rentals Kolkata offer the required privacy along with the necessary amenities like laundry, housekeeping, linen and other facilities. The customer service is excellent. Keeping the customers happy is the sole aim of the management. More people are switching to the rentals as they help vacations to be more personalised. There is no restriction on the number of guests or keeping pets. Smoking or drinking inside the rooms is also not barred. The apartments serve as your own home inside the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the city.

Kolkata had served as the capital of British India

Kolkata is rich with historical significance as it had served as the capital of British India for more than a century. It had served as the headquarters of the British East India Company and had later become the capital of the British territories in the subcontinent. One could easily spot the architecture and culture of the city spawning from this era. Spending some time in this city would never be boring, and it is always stifling with people going about their businesses. You would enjoy staying at one of the Short Term Rentals Kolkata here.

The dynamic markets are definitely worth touring

The markets of Kolkata are as vibrant as they are historical. The city has the largest flower markets in the whole continent. It also has one of the world’s largest used book markets at College Street. The bustling markets of the city would delight anyone, and it would be worthwhile to roam the streets of the city bargaining for eccentric items. Not only that, the city offers everything from food to items of regular uses at the lowest prices. Nowhere else in the country are rates as low as they are here in Kolkata. You could only imagine how inexpensive your stay would be at the Short Term Rentals Kolkata.

The cosmopolitan environment is something that you would find nowhere else

The place is home to large populations of Chinese, Jewish and American people and other immigrants who have settled here over the past centuries. The cosmopolitan environment of the place shows a marked contrast as compared to the other Indian cities. These communities have contributed to the social, political, historical, cultural or architectural growth over the years. Stay here at the Short Term Rentals Kolkata with absolutely no worries about your security. The rentals even offer Wi-Fi connectivities, TV channels, toiletries and everything you need to enjoy an amazing stay!