The best family trips you can have your own city, Kolkata

‘ Ammi toma ke bhalo basi” is the line used in an old movie which means I Love You in Bengali, Bengalis are termed as very sweet and nice people since they love sweets, they have a lot of varieties in sweets which are made in special events or even eaten on normal days. The people are very sweet in Bengal or Kolkata which makes it a perfect place to have a trip with family especially if you have kids. Kids are the one who looks for your attention because kids want to spend time with you but if due to work you are not able to spend time with your kids then you should plan a trip for Kolkata. This city is the capital city of the state West Bengal and is very beautifully crafted for everyone, be it you are adult or kids or of any age you are, all of you can have a lot. Some things you can you do with your kids are: Read more

The Best Wondering in the Kolkata History

Nestled in the heart of the region of West Bengal, Kolkata reveals its effervescent streets concealing an architectural heritage of undeniable wealth. But out of the Indian metropolis, the traveler discovers authentic landscapes, from the mangrove of the Bay of Bengal where we meet tigers and crocodiles, ocher temples and laterites of Bishnupur while passing by Darjeeling and its expanses of scented tea. Read more

Kolkata, the sweet city welcomes every person with a lot of sweetness

Kolkata or Calcutta what locals call it was the capital of the country during the British period, the colonial era can be seen through its architectures which is still shining with new modern structures such as malls and other housing colonies. There are many things which will surely attract you when in Kolkata since people are much sweeter here as compared to other metropolitan cities. Things can be found for every section of society be it budget food or fine dining, budget living or royal living and the sightseeing you will get all. If you are convinced and want to plan a trip to Kolkata, here is some research help for you: Read more

Best time to visit Kolkata

Kolkata is known as the cultural city of India. This is a beautiful place, and there are plenty of events in Kolkata which are worth watching. Let us first know- what is the best time when you can explore this city and its beauty-

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Kolkata is more than Roushogullas and Eden Garden, here why

Kolkata is more than Roushogullas and Eden Garden, here why

Choosing a holiday destination is actually very difficult since there are a lot of seeing around us and choose a place to go first is nothing less than giving a tough exam. So, to help you, here is our suggestion, Kolkata is one of the famous city which is also known for its roshogullas and the famous Eden Garden,  Kolkata actually is a lot more than that, when it comes to Kolkata few are the things which are a must: Read more

3 Things to See in Kolkata: The Must Do’s

Among the things to do and see in Kolkata, the main important is the Indian Museum, the city’s main museum, as well as the oldest in India. The original construction dates back to 1814, but in 1875 it was transferred to the building that still houses it today. Read more

Kolkata brings the best you can ask for

When planning to go to Calcutta, be sure to specify what is needed for this and the current situation. Everything changes: the conditions and terms for obtaining a visa, the routes and the price of tickets, the cost and the possibility of providing specific services in Calcutta – need to be specified for specific dates. Read more

Kolkata Specials: Your Options for a Great Discovery

The capital of West Bengal and the largest city in India, a hive of activity with a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Calcutta has become a bustling and flourishing city, the cultural center, as well as the political and economic life of Bengal. The city that shows stoic maturity in the most suggestive situations and flies high the flags of community harmony, behaves in the most erratic way during a game of cricket. Whether you are staying in a hotel or Service Apartments Kolkata, be the part of the festivities. Read more

Kolkata Blooming with the New Discoveries

The Indian city of Calcutta gained fame as the intellectual center of this country. Numerous monuments of colonial architecture, exotic landscapes, unique temple complexes, a pleasant climate – this is what tourists from all over the world strive for. Read more

The Cultural Values of Kolkata: In Your Eyes

New facets of striking Indian culture, unhurried walks among the aromas of spices and magnificent specimens of colonial British architecture, the cathedral of the Anglican church and the temple of worship of the goddess Kali – all these are unforgettable tours to Kolkata. Read more