Serviced Apartments in Park Street Kolkata

Top reasons to rent serviced apartments in Kolkata

North Kolkata real estate is pretty costly for there is a dearth of land. Due to less availability of land in areas like Baghbazar, the cost of renting a serviced apartment is high here. As it is overpopulated, you have to pay huge price to rent a serviced apartment in North Kolkata. If you are in a family trip, business trip or a leisure trip, you need to rent serviced apartments for it is better than a hotel. Serviced apartments in Salt Lake Kolkata is much better than booking a hotel for it is cheaper. Let’s find out the reason behind choosing serviced apartment and why it is better.

You enjoy more comfort and space in the serviced apartment

The space and comfort in the serviced apartment is far more than what you get in the hotel. The space in the room is twice as what’s there in a hotel room. There will be 3-4 bedrooms, a well furnished kitchen and a well-kept living room. So, you will have a comfortable accommodation during your business trip.

Serviced apartments are cheaper

You get more value for money when you choose a serviced apartment. The option is better than the hotel reservation. There is no hidden charge like that of room service, bar charges or food service. Serviced apartments in New Town Kolkata also offers internet connection. So, things are perfect for a business traveller. As you hire a serviced apartment for several days, the price per day and night is fairly less. Business travellers can rent a boardroom to conduct meetings and conferences without expending anything.

Enjoy home-cooked meals

Hire a cook to make meals in the kitchen for you. There is no need to rely on the hotel food as such. There is no need to always eat out or abide by the stringent hotel food menu.

More privacy with serviced apartment

When compared to a hotel room, you enjoy more privacy in the serviced apartment. Less number of people occupy serviced apartment than a hotel.

Serviced apartments in Park Street Kolkata or South Kolkata region offer more comfort by way of high standard furnishing, organized living areas, modern kitchen facility and awesome internet, excellent entertainment facilities available.