The Perfect Kolkata Discovery for Your Choices Now

When visiting Calcutta, many people would like to stay in the Park Street area. That said, during the Durga Puja, this is not the best place in which to stay, because the famous Durga Puja pandals all located away from the area, many of them in the north and south Kolkata. You can stay at Service Apartment in Kolkata as well.

Between these two areas, in the south of Calcutta, it is certainly more attractive, with lots of facilities, celebrations, and a number of boutique hotels and guest houses that guests can choose from brighter.

During the festival, the streets of the first capital of British India turn into one giant temple in honor of Durga. Each district of Kolkata sets up a temporary pandal altar, decorated with naturalistic figures of the warrior goddess, surrounded by celestials from the vast Vedic pantheon. For the manufacture of giant idols meets the legendary artisans quarter Kumar Tuli, which is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the capital of West Bengal. Shortly before the beginning of Durga Puja, the ChokkuDaan ceremony takes place in Kumar Tuli, during which the goddess symbolically fills her freshly made images of straw and papier-mâché with her essence. The largest portable temple of Durga is traditionally erected in the Bagbazar region.

Do not miss

  • The Indian Museum happens t be the oldest museum in Asia.
  • Victoria Memorial is a grandiose palace of white marble, which occupies a vast territory in the Maidan Park.
  • College Street is the famous street where the largest second-hand book market in the world is located. Here you can buy the rarest books literally for a penny.
  • The botanical garden where banyan grows, whose age is 250 years old and whose crown is the largest in the world
  • Calighat is a temple in whose honor it is said that Calcutta was named.
  • Belur Math is the headquarters of the Order and Mission of Ramakrishna, a stunning example of Indian temple architecture.
  • Try a special Bengali food, wander through the chaotic back streets, ride the ferries for Hugli (Hooghly), go to moto-tour of Calcutta, and if you have time, go on a trip to the Sundarbans (Sundarbans).

Food in Calcutta

Piquant Bengali cuisine with an abundance of fruits gravitates towards a sweet, rich touch of palm sugar, young daab coconut, malaikaii coconut milk and posto poppy seeds. Typical types of Bengal curry include light flavored coriander jhol, drier and spicy jhal and richer kalia with ginger. A strong mustard flavor is present in both shorshe curry and paturi dishes, which are stewed in banana leaves. Gobindobhogbnaat (steamed rice) or luchi (small cakes) are classic additions. More typical than meat, or, chicken (murgir), for this place chingri (river shrimp) and excellent fish, especially, white gsh (rohu or Indian carp), fat chital, cod on bliekti and tasty but full of ilish bones (hilsa).Wherever you accommodate yourself, be it a posh hotel or in Service Apartments Kolkata, you can have the taste of these all tasty flavorful dishes.