The Kolkata Discovery For You

A trip to Kolkata is often not easy, indeed Calcutta is a city with a bad reputation. Yet if you visit this city you will quickly understand that it has more to offer than the mother organization Theresa and has hidden gems in the Lonely Planet. Be it you stay at the hotels or Service Apartment in Kolkata, find the solace in City of Joy.

Calcutta Airport

Calcutta Airport is a very classic airport for India. Do not expect a sick airport but there are still some things to do if you have time to kill. You will probably pass through the airport during your trip to Calcutta.

The Howrah station

The train station is a famous place in Calcutta, the famous Howrah resort. There are obviously several train stations in the city but it is by Howrah that you are most likely to arrive. This station takes its name from this famous bridge that borders the station.

What to do in Calcutta?

You will be able to make many visits in Calcutta and in its periphery. Know that it is imperative to visit the inevitable Calcutta because they are really beautiful. It is also imperative to really immerse yourself in the city off the tourist routes and why not visit the Sunderbans, the largest mangrove in the world.

Visit the essentials

There are several must-sees in Calcutta:

  • Victoria Memorial – Beautiful, do not miss it
  • Saint Paul Cathedral – Nice to visit, but do not expect much
  • The Howrah Bridge – A gigantic bridge that should be crossed on foot, be careful the photos are forbidden
  • Marble Palace – Really very nice but complicated enough to get in, if you do not have the pass you can always bribe the guardian
  • Tagore House – Very interesting from an art and quotes point of view, to pair with the Marble Palace

Visit the Sunderbans from Calcutta

The Sunderbans are the largest mangrove swamp in the world, but you should know that watching the tiger in this area is almost impossible. If you want to visit the sunderbans, you have to take this as a relaxing place away from the hustle and bustle of Calcutta, you also have to know that the area is really beautiful. However, be careful with the information about the tiger, you should know that the Sunderbans are the area with the most free tiger.

To find accommodation

You can browse real estate websites to find accommodation in Calcutta. Indeed, there are several sites of general and specialized housing, Service Apartments Kolkata, as well as other virtual platforms that can help you in your search for housing. You can also check the classifieds in local newspapers.