The Holidays of Kolkata

In Kolkata, such a holiday and fervor as Durga Puja is not celebrated, and this city at its holiday concert is an experience not to be missed. We have compiled this guide for the best Kolkata deals in Durga Puja to help you plan your travels well. Be it you are living in hotels or Service Apartments Kolkata, have a map along with, to be connected with the theme of the city.

Durga Puja, held for more than five to ten days, is the annual Indian celebration of the Hindu goddess Durga. In Kolkata, Durga Puja assumes a large role – as a time to celebrate local artisans and their work. Hundreds of elegantly crafted pandals (temporary tents with idols of the goddess) are created, intricate colorful motifs known as Alpana are depicted on the city roads and in other public places, and festive lights illuminate every remote corner of the city.

Pandal hopping

The most important of all the festivities in Kolkata this season is to arrange pandasping or stop as many pandals as you can bypass your miracle and pay your respects to the goddess. Pandalas range from modest bamboo tents to extravagant, highly artistic and multi-story buildings. Inside them you will find highly decorated terracotta statues of the goddess – usually from Kumartuli, the colony of artisans of Kolkata itself. Among the numerous and historical pandals of the city, there are several noteworthy ones that attract admiration by crowds from all over the country. BagbazarDurgaPandalu is over 100 years old, and the quintessence of a traditional pandal. Kumartuli’sDurgaPandal is another thing to look out for, and local artisans use this occasion to showcase the best of their crafts.

Holiday food

Kolkata is gastronomy, a festival or not. Thus, one can imagine how culinary indulgences are worthy of the praise of Durga Puja. All kinds of traditional mishtis (sweets) and street snacks are prepared and consumed, as there is no tomorrow. Of street food such as puchkas or Bengali panipuris, there are too many to understand about doi to eat during the festival season.

To experience the best of Kolkata’s festive culinary scene, you are in one of the city’s most famous shops. BalaramMallik and RadharamMallik, one of the oldest masters of the city of Mishti, are always a fantastic option if you want to celebrate a wide variety of sand, ragul and other traditional treats. Whether you are accommodating at North Kolkata or at Serviced Apartments in New town Kolkata, sweets will welcome with different flavors and tastes.