The Cultural Values of Kolkata: In Your Eyes

New facets of striking Indian culture, unhurried walks among the aromas of spices and magnificent specimens of colonial British architecture, the cathedral of the Anglican church and the temple of worship of the goddess Kali – all these are unforgettable tours to Kolkata.

It is hard to believe that one of the three largest and most beautiful cities in the country was founded only in the 17th century by the subjects of the British Empire and is still its most important center of arts and science for the country. Various kinds of hotels and Service Apartments Kolkata are there to stay at.

Due to its unique development history, Kolkata can offer exacting travelers many of the comforts that are difficult to find in other beautiful, but not so Europeanized parts of India:

  • having its own international airport – “Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose”, from which you can also take a domestic flight to anywhere in the country;
  • there is a metro system in the city and the trams run, which makes the sightseeing more convenient and mobile, however, if you want a little bit of exotic, then Kolkata is the only place where the legendary rickshaws are still able to reach you to your destination than a taxi and much cheaper;
  • the former capital can boast of having a good choice among modern hotel complexes, depending on the required level of comfort and financial costs;
  • lovers of tasty food have nothing to fear on this trip, because in local restaurants not only rare vegetarian dishes are served, but also familiar European ones, with meat and habitual seasonings;
  • Kolkata can be the main starting point for further travel in India, because many transport hubs converge here.

Beauty that is worth seeing first

Be sure to include in the list of excursions magnificent St. Paul’s Cathedral, made in strict neo-gothic style of plain white stone. On the east wall you will find the artful work of the Florentine frescoes, and the western windows let the sunlight through only through the colorful stained glass windows. Connoisseurs of meditative practices will be useful to spend time in a local park, specially designed for those who want peace and solitude.

Another striking architectural masterpiece of Kolkata is the majestic memorial dedicated to Queen Victoria, whose magnificence can be enjoyed for hours, cose to many hotels as well as Service Apartment in Kolkata  too.

Connoisseurs of scenic views will certainly enjoy a trip to the Sundarbans Biosphere Reserve, which is engaged in the protection of wild tigers.