The Best Wondering in the Kolkata History

Nestled in the heart of the region of West Bengal, Kolkata reveals its effervescent streets concealing an architectural heritage of undeniable wealth. But out of the Indian metropolis, the traveler discovers authentic landscapes, from the mangrove of the Bay of Bengal where we meet tigers and crocodiles, ocher temples and laterites of Bishnupur while passing by Darjeeling and its expanses of scented tea.

Immersion in Indian Colonial History

Take some time to put your bags in Chinchura for a few days: this former Dutch counter located 35 kilometers from Kolkata hosted the last Armenian king in exile and shelters his tomb in the church of the city. Curiosity of this religious building: you can admire a work by Leonardo da Vinci!

The city of Bandel will tell you its history as a former Portuguese trading post and unveils a monastery whose corner stone dates from 1599, making it the oldest known religious building in Bengal. Now with the Holiday Homes Kolkata you can enjoy the history of the place while staying

West Bengal, A Region Rich In Temples

On your journey on the roads of West Bengal, stop at Bishnupur, the ancient capital of the Malla kings, to discover the laterite temples built with frescoes. The city is also known worldwide for its craft production of pottery and silk saris.

The Coastline of West Bengal

West Bengal does not only hide ancestral temples, nature reserves and picturesque villages. The area also has sumptuous beaches, including Puri in the state of Orissa. After an impromptu siesta on the golden sand, take the opportunity to visit the Jagannath Temple, especially during the annual Ratha Yatra festival. This famous Hindu temple dating back to 1150 is worshiped by the worshipers of Vishnu or Krishna.

Authentic and Magical Landscapes

After a day in the heart of the bustling Kolkata, a cruise on the Hoogly, one of the arms of the Ganges, will allow a return to the sources. On a ghat, cast off and live a total immersion in the Indian culture: it is through this river that the Europeans entered India to gradually establish them in the country. In case you stay at the Serviced Apartments in New town Kolkata then from there you can have a thorough look of the places.