The Best of Service Apartments As Per Your Requirement

In order to attract and motivate skilled labor, some companies provide their employees with housing problems with affordable housing, in most cases, rented. There are several ways to conclude such agreements, which depend solely on such factors as taxation, tenant’s responsibility to the owner of the property and some others. Consider the options for such a lease in more detail.

Reimbursement of rent-related costs

This option is one of the most common. In this case, an employee of the company concludes a lease of Service Apartment in Kolkata on his behalf, and the company-employer undertakes to take all the costs associated with the rental of the premises on him. The company can compensate for these costs by adding the agreed amount to the employee’s salary. This option is considered the most acceptable, since only individuals are involved in the contract.

The conclusion of this contract provides for the consideration of such items as the subject of the contract, its term of validity, the responsibility of the parties to the contract, their rights and obligations, the rent for the rented accommodation, etc. In this case, the owner of the housing in the framework of the contract acts as an individual, and, thus, undertakes to pay annually the personal income tax in the amount established by the legislation of 13% of the income received.

Lease agreement with a legal entity

The company, which made the service apartments Kolkata as its business, also provided additional services that are already included in the rental price: the possibility of booking rail and air tickets, ordering a taxi and excursions, calling an interpreter. However, a person who rents a service apartment in Kolkata can reduce the already not very high costs: he can refuse a maid, a daily change of bed linen, etc.

This is especially true for those who rent service apartments in Kolkata for a short time. Savings living in such apartments in Kolkata can reach up to 30-50% of the cost of a hotel room of the same level.

It should be noted that the cost of such service apartments in Kolkata does not depend on the number of residents. Therefore, often these apartments are rented by two or three residents, and if we are talking about young people, then three or four.