The best family trips you can have your own city, Kolkata

‘ Ammi toma ke bhalo basi” is the line used in an old movie which means I Love You in Bengali, Bengalis are termed as very sweet and nice people since they love sweets, they have a lot of varieties in sweets which are made in special events or even eaten on normal days. The people are very sweet in Bengal or Kolkata which makes it a perfect place to have a trip with family especially if you have kids. Kids are the one who looks for your attention because kids want to spend time with you but if due to work you are not able to spend time with your kids then you should plan a trip for Kolkata. This city is the capital city of the state West Bengal and is very beautifully crafted for everyone, be it you are adult or kids or of any age you are, all of you can have a lot. Some things you can you do with your kids are:


  1. Dakshineshwar Kali Temple:

The best way to start your journey with family by having the blessings with the god, the temple is one of the oldest temples in Kolkata where the Kali goddess is worshipped. The goddess Kali is considered as one of the powerful goddesses among all, which gives you strength and confidence.


  1. Eco-Tourism Park:

This park is a huge park surrounded by the lakes and the best part about this park is the “Seven Wonders of the world” where you get to see the prototype of all the wonders in the world all at one place. This can be educating experience for your children since the visual display remains in mind for long.


  1. Howrah Bridge and Hoogly River:

It’s saying that Hoogly River is the holy river in Kolkata similar to Ganga river hence if you are in Kolkata visiting this river is a must and the beauty of Howrah bridge is simply enchanting and the sunset view you get is really loving. Even your kids will enjoy here you can also take a walk on the sides of the Howrah Bridge.


  1. Eden Gardens:

One of the best things you can visit when in Kolkata is the Eden Garden, the oldest and famous cricket stadiums in India where a lot of national and international cricket matches are played here. This stadium is a huge stadium where you can see large photographs of all the famous personalities. Such moments are also kind of educating because through this your children can learn about famous personalities.


  1. The Science City:

One of the places which you can visit especially with your kids is the Science City since here you can get a lot of science-related things which can again be very educating for your children and it is a fact that visual things stay long in mind.


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