Looking for good serviced apartments in Kolkata? Check out Olive Apartments!

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Are you planning to visit Kolkata? Then you would be surely looking for a good place to take shelter. Then it is time for you to check out Olive Apartments in Kolkata which is one of the most reputed and popular apartment providers in the City of Joy. Whether it is for a business trip or a holiday tour to this beautiful city, whatever the reason might be, you will always need a good and secure place to stay. Out of all the Serviced Apartments in Salt Lake Kolkata, Olive apartments have been one of the most popular of them. They have been serving the customers for many years and now it is your time to check them out.

Olive apartments offer their customers with a wide range of amenities which will help you to make your stay even more comfortable and convenient. They provide clear and filtered water to every customer 24/7 and they also have clean kitchen and bathrooms in their apartments as well. If you are looking for a safe and secure Serviced Apartments in New Town Kolkata then Olive service apartments are your best choice because they have CCTV surveillance around their property and also have guards posted as well. The apartments which you get are spacious and cleaned regularly. The average size of the apartments is more than enough to fit more than two persons. You can also rent a bigger apartment if you have arrived with a group. With all these excellent amenities there can be no other service apartments available in this area who provides so many facilities at a very affordable cost.

The location of Olive apartments is also very favorable for traveling and reaching other destinations. The building is situated very close to the main road and therefore there are several ways of connectivity. If you want a Serviced Apartments in Park Street Kolkata then visit the Oliver apartments website and check their exact location. Being located in this excellent location, you get access to several eateries, luxury hotels, restaurants, clubs, movie halls, and many other recreational centers. So it will be great of enjoying your time in this city throughout your trip.