Kolkata, the sweet city welcomes every person with a lot of sweetness

Kolkata or Calcutta what locals call it was the capital of the country during the British period, the colonial era can be seen through its architectures which is still shining with new modern structures such as malls and other housing colonies. There are many things which will surely attract you when in Kolkata since people are much sweeter here as compared to other metropolitan cities. Things can be found for every section of society be it budget food or fine dining, budget living or royal living and the sightseeing you will get all. If you are convinced and want to plan a trip to Kolkata, here is some research help for you:


  1. Victoria Memorial:

The very famous Victoria memorial is the place you must visit when in Kolkata, it was built was the Britishers in the post-colonial era for the Queen Victoria of The United Kingdom, British and European influence can be seen in this palace, apart from this some Mughal architecture influence can also be seen in the palace’s hall including the great garden built around the palace. This beautiful structure is the centre of attraction of Kolkata city.


  1. The enchanting temples:

In Kolkata you will get people of different religions who live peacefully with each other, there are few temples which are very famous which are the kali ghat mandir, the Dakshineshwar temple, Belur math and many more. Each temple has its own value and traditions, one must visit at least these three places for sure. You will thoroughly enjoy the silence of Belur math, the madness of Kali ghar temple and the riverboat to the Dakshineshwar temple.


  1. Mother Teresa House:

If you have an interest in history, the visiting the motherhouse is a must for you, The motherhouse or the mother Teresa house was build in the memory of Mother Teresa who was an Alabamian roman catholic missionary, dedicated her whole life in serving the poor and has done a lot of work in India. You can look out the museum where her belongings are kept, after that you can also visit the Indian museum where you can find the huge collection of different archaeologically founded things.


  1. Kolkata’s street food:

Not only Kolkata’s rashogulla is famous but also there are a lot of street food which are must a try and if you are ready to leave behind the strict diet and then you can surely have the best experience of food. Some the tasty options which can be tried are phuchka, the chaat, the dimsums or momos. The soup noodles etc. You can also have full meals which are quite cheap and tasty and filling.


  1. The Mulik Ghat Flower market:

This market is right below the Howrah bridge, the beautiful scene made through the beautiful yellow and orange flower is a treat to eyesight. This market is open all day where vendors sell their stalk, this place is ideal for having good pictures due to its vibrant colour scenes and the picture is only good when it has an amazing background. Also, walking the Howrah Bridge is an amazing experience because you get to see the beautiful Hooghly river which looks even more amazing during the sunset or sunrise.


Well, this is a very short list as compared to things which you can experience in Kolkata, for that you need to live here for at least a week or so. The service apartments are the best and the safest place where you can live without worrying of anything, you can have it according the number of person you are staying with.