Kolkata Specials: Your Options for a Great Discovery

The capital of West Bengal and the largest city in India, a hive of activity with a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Calcutta has become a bustling and flourishing city, the cultural center, as well as the political and economic life of Bengal. The city that shows stoic maturity in the most suggestive situations and flies high the flags of community harmony, behaves in the most erratic way during a game of cricket. Whether you are staying in a hotel or Service Apartments Kolkata, be the part of the festivities.

Fairs and Festivals Calcutta: – Fairs and festivals are celebrated with joy and traditional fervor to invoke the divine blessings, as well as for the pure joy of living. A celebration of life at its best.

Calcutta Book Fair: the mecca of publishers, book lovers and students, the Book Fair held at the beginning of February is a place that every family in Calcutta makes a straight line towards.

PoushMela: This fair use to celebrate for three-days into the founding place of the great Rabindranath Tagore Shantiniketan. Place: at the end of the month of December, this fair used to be marked by prayer, cultural festivals, craft bazaars and folkloric performances. PoushMela is a good opportunity to explore the cultural facets of Shantiniketan. You have to book either hotel or Service Apartment in Kolkata beforehand joining into this special festivities.

PoilaBaisakh: Bengali calendar first month, Baishakh, use to mark the starting of the cultivation series in West Bengal. The Chances are, in the event that you walk into a store in Calcutta today, you were offered candy and maybe a couple or two.

Durga Puja: For the four days in the month of September or October, Calcutta becomes standstill, as roughly every individual in the city happens to crowditsevery streets, visiting the pandales dressed in their fêting festive palate and with the best food from the stands that emerge on the roads.

Calcutta Cuisine: -The Bengali crowd for good food is legendary. To experience the true taste of traditional cuisine, it is best to make friends with a Bengali. Your hospitality will definitely include a meal! Sweets of a position of pride for the Bengali. Chinese cuisine is next on the list of popularity available in China’s old town. Restaurants specializing in Mughal cuisine (tandoori, kebabs, biriyanietc) are found in the streets of the New Market. Special mention should be made about kathi-rolls (brochetas wrapped in batter), a culinary delight of Calcutta.