Kolkata is more than Roushogullas and Eden Garden, here why

Kolkata is more than Roushogullas and Eden Garden, here why

Choosing a holiday destination is actually very difficult since there are a lot of seeing around us and choose a place to go first is nothing less than giving a tough exam. So, to help you, here is our suggestion, Kolkata is one of the famous city which is also known for its roshogullas and the famous Eden Garden,  Kolkata actually is a lot more than that, when it comes to Kolkata few are the things which are a must:


  1. Victoria Memorial Palace:

Kolkata was the first place where Britishers came, they build a lot of architectures from which Victoria was one, a perfect blend of Indian and Saracen architectural style build from marbles all over. This is the perfect place to start your Kolkata trip, enjoying the history of this palace is turned into a museum where history preserved. Since this place is a famous destination of Kolkata, reaching here wouldn’t be an issue anyway.


  1. Sundarbans:

If you are a fan of wildlife and photography, then Sundarbans is the best place for you, Sundarbans are the world’s largest river delta with mangrove which is famous for its wide wildlife which is supremely amazing, especially witnessing the Royal Bengal tigers which are endangered species. This place is listed in UNESCO world heritage sites, hence visiting this place is a must.

  1. Howrah Bridge:

World’s 6th longest bridge is one the best places visit while travelling in Kolkata, this bridge is a perfect example of superb engineering. If you are a couple and then watching the sunset sitting at the beach from where the bridge is visible is very romantic.  The Howrah Bridge is one of the famous places in Kolkata hence you do not have to be troubled while reaching this place.

  1. The Salt Lake:

Salt Lake is again one of the famous and elite places of Kolkata which is very beautifully built, it provides all kind of fun or relaxation one wants. The salt lake town is also known as the Satellite town which simply amazing, here you will get a lot of varieties of food options and shopping places near the salt lake area.

  1. The superb cuisine:

Bengal is famous for its varieties of sweets and fishes, but Bengali cuisine is of course more than that, you can find a lot of local food joints and the exquisite restaurants where you can get the authentic taste of Bengali food. Few of the places which you can visit are Kewpie’s, Flurry, Mocambo, Oh! Calcutta, such places best for visiting with families or even if you are a couple.

  1. The tram ride:

If you want to see the real Kolkata, then travelling with the Tram is the best thing one can do, the tram is actually the oldest rides of Kolkata and goes even to the remote areas of Kolkata and the best thing about it is the cheapest mode of transport which means you can see the whole Kolkata without spending much.

Kolkata is a very nice place and has a lot of things to do for people of every age group, so do not worry if you are going on a solo trip or with family or for a couple holiday. When it comes to staying, service apartments are the best option since they are cheaper as compared to a well furnished hotel room. They are very much, have all the liberties you can have at your home.