Kolkata Calling? Here’s What You Must Know About the City

The city of Mother Theresa, as it became known worldwide, is still today a place of great poverty and dirt on the streets. It is not a trip for those who like luxury and glamor, on the contrary, a trip to Calcutta is to discover the reasons that led Mother Theresa to adopt the city and take care of the neediest.

But despite this difficult side, Calcutta is also known as the country’s cultural capital, after all five Nobel Prizes are related to the city.

Called Kolkata in India, the state capital of West Bengal is one of the largest cities in the country. Located near the Bangladeshi border, Calcutta was founded in 1960 and became the capital of British India from 1833 to 1912.


As sightseeing options, Mother House, or Mother Theresa’s, is where her tomb is, and there is a small museum with the room in which Mother worked for a few years, including some of her belongings. CIMA, Center for International Modern Art is an art gallery for those who want to know a little about the Indian art style called Bengali School. Victoria Memorial Hall is a grand, British-designed building built over 15 years in honor of Queen Victoria, surrounded by a pond and gardens, is one of the most visited attractions. Kolkata serves as a base for a day trip to explore the largest mangrove forest in the world, called the Sundarbans, is one of the few places where you can still see the walking stick tiger, depending on the luck of the visitor.  One can easily find the reasonable hotel, lodges, as well as Service Apartments Kolkata to stay comfortably.


For shopping, Lindsay Street’s New Market attracts tourists and locals alike, one of Kolkata’s oldest markets. There are everything from pashminas, fabrics, leathers to typical Indian foods, is the type of tour where the visitor enters the climate of the city or country, good for buying souvenirs. Park Street is on the new side of the city, with a lot of commerce, is a very busy street and another option for shopping. Already Burrabazar Market has become one of the largest and cheapest shopping centers in the country, is divided into areas according to products, has everything.

Despite having many places to shop, staying at Service Apartments in New town Kolkata, traveling to main part of the Kolkata is very easy. The city is prepared to reflect a little on life, including consumption.