Kolkata brings the best you can ask for

When planning to go to Calcutta, be sure to specify what is needed for this and the current situation. Everything changes: the conditions and terms for obtaining a visa, the routes and the price of tickets, the cost and the possibility of providing specific services in Calcutta – need to be specified for specific dates.

Calcutta Airport

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport is located in Kolkata. The airport has three terminals: the domestic (opened in the early 1990s), the international terminal and the cargo terminal. The airport is located 17 km from the city center and some of  Service Apartments Kolkata as well.

Calcutta Transportation

The most convenient way to move around Kolkata is a taxi. The fare is indicated on the meter plus two rupees. Kolkata has a metro network, the first in India. If you want to see the sights of the city center, it is best to take a tram ride.

Sights of Calcutta

Kolkata offers its guests an eclectic combination of historical, cultural and spiritual attractions.

One of the main attractions of Kolkata is the Victoria Memorial, an architectural composition built as a monument to Queen Victoria. The building of the memorial according to the original design was sustained in the traditions of the Italian Renaissance, however, later elements of Eastern architecture were added to the project. The top of the memorial is crowned with a bronze statue of the Angel of Victoria.

The largest urban park Kolkaty –   Maidan (literally “open field”), is one of the main centers of the city. There are many playgrounds, including the famous cricket ground of the Eden Gardens, several football stadiums, a golf club and the Calcutta Hippodrome.

One of the main cultural centers of Kolkata – Nandan and Rabindra Sadan Cultural Center , is a complex of theaters, cinemas and exhibition halls. The center hosts a film festival, premieres of the Bengali theater, as well as a number of other events.

Of the city’s religious landmarks, the famous temple of the goddess Kali (Dakshineswar Kali Temple.) Is located. Dakshineswar Kali Temple is located near Kolkata on the east bank of the Hugli River.

Of the Anglican buildings of the city, the Cathedral of St. Paul is particularly worth noting. The cathedral was founded in 1839 and opened in 1847. The building of the cathedral is made in neo-gothic style, incorporating elements of several famous cathedrals of Great Britain. The building of the cathedral is located on the island of attractions of Calcutta, adjacent to the Victoria Memorial, the center of Nandan and the planetarium.

In addition to cultural attractions, Kolkata is famous as one of the largest Indian shopping and nightlife centers. You can rent a can from the Service Apartment in Kolkata and go anywhere you wish to visit.