Kolkata Blooming with the New Discoveries

The Indian city of Calcutta gained fame as the intellectual center of this country. Numerous monuments of colonial architecture, exotic landscapes, unique temple complexes, a pleasant climate – this is what tourists from all over the world strive for.

How to get to Calcutta

Calcutta has one of the main international airports in India, serving flights from around the world. This city is a convenient transportation hub, it is from here that you can begin a journey not only to the main Indian destinations, but also to the small states of the country located in the north-east direction.

You can get to Calcutta by rail. The main station is located to the west of the river, while the airport is to the east. On this railway junction four important lines converge. You can get from the station or from the airport to the city center by taxi.

Where to stay

There are many hotels and Service Apartments Kolkata, everyone can choose an option to his taste.


Calcutta is dominated by a tropical climate. The territory is characterized by a hot, humid summer with an average temperature of +30 degrees. During the dry season (May-June), the air can warm up to the mark of +40 degrees.

For the winter months is characterized by dry weather with an average temperature of +9 .. + 11 degrees. May is the hottest month, January is the coldest. Most of the precipitations are in August, when the southwestern monsoons prevail.

Entertainment and Attractions

Calcutta, once the capital of British India, is currently an important center of art, culture, science and education.

Cricket and football are widespread in the city. Modern shopping complexes are located throughout the city, so there will be no problems with shopping. Service Apartment in Kolkata area is especially popular among tourists and guests of the city.

Some sights are worth a visit:

First of all – the museum of India, which will acquaint not only the history of the unique city, but also in the whole country. Thematic sections of the museum combine various exhibits, ranging from works of art and ending with the remains of prehistoric animals.

Among the many Hindu temples, the temple of the goddess Kali stands out, built on the banks of the sacred Ganges. Its worth a visit.

Another shrine is impressive in its size and original architecture – the temple of Belur Math, which unites three different religions.

Interesting is the Victoria Memorial, a grand masterpiece of architecture, made by analogy with the famous Taj Mahal.

In Calcutta is located one of the most titled bridges – Howrah. This structure is not only impressive in its size, but is also the most exploited in the country, transporting about two million people daily.

Calcutta today is not yet spoiled by the special attention of tourists, however, there is something to see and do. This city is suitable for a romantic trip or for a family holiday.