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It will be also very easy for you to navigate back to your apartment because Olive apartments are very close to the main road. The apartments which are provided are placed in a brand new building which has all the modern amenities that makes your stay more comfortable and secured. The managers and staff of the apartments are friendly and they will surely help you to get the best stay in the city of joy. There are many Serviced Apartments in Salt Lake Kolkata but not many of them provides the kind of service, Olive Apartment does. The apartments have been designed in such a way that the tenants can find it very easy to relocate and set up their perfect resting place the way they want to. There are kitchens and bathrooms in every apartment you hire from Oliver apartments with 24 hours water supply.


The vital location of the property gives you brilliant access to several restaurants, eateries, cybercafé and other important places where you can visit and enjoy your day. Whether you are visiting Kolkata alone or with a group of people, Olive apartments will provide you with all the necessary amenities for a perfect stay.