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Who says holiday home decoration, says dream and pleasure. But while choosing the style, the accessories of decoration and the atmosphere of his house, it will be useful to integrate the practical elements essential to the well-being with Vacation Rentals Kolkata.

The Decoration of a Holiday Home in the Living Rooms: Dining Room, Living Room, Kitchen

We will first think of the modularity of chairs: to quickly accommodate many guests at the table, we will choose room chairs that marry well between them, and which, even if they are different, can be lowered together in the stay in winter. We can thus opt, either for a total harmony with a single model, or for a mismatched mixture cleverly orchestrated: that is to say with continuity either in the color, or in the form.

If there is enough room, we will think about arranging his second home around two lounges, with a TV room for older children, and a lounge where children can meet and exchange their games. With the Vacation Rentals Kolkata the opportunities come perfectly.

  • Still in the living rooms, it will be interesting to have two sets of curtains to make two different sets. In the summer, flax sails will gracefully float to the rhythm of openings, while in winter, we opt for heavier fabrics, more enveloping, warmer colors. We can then take the opportunity to showcase the graphics and fabrics typical of the region.
  • For the kitchen, we will try to take advantage of the original building, especially if it is old, so as not to distort the style of the house. In the houses, where the kitchens were already of good size, it will be possible to re-arrange the space to be able to eat there.
  • But this is not the case for many old houses, and we will not always be able to open the kitchen. In this case, we will choose to turn fully to the outside, and the pool-house kitchen can be a real solution: it will then be fully equipped; with of course refrigerator and dishwasher, but it can also offer a built-in barbecue, a pizza oven. And for the decoration itself, we can afford outside more colorful textiles and a more creative style.
  • Finally, it will be wise to think about providing space for two table services: a practice for everyday life, and more chic for receptions.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms Inspire the Decoration of a Holiday Home

In the bedrooms of the Vacation Rentals Kolkata, the space should be as flexible as possible, with fixed beds that separate, and extra beds that move. A dormitory, at the same time very practical and essential reference of the holidays in family in the collective unconscious, will delight the little ones and will assure the tranquility of the biggest ones.


In each adult room, a small desk or console will be installed to allow guests to quietly consult their laptops. In addition, if the house is intended in part to be rented, it will be very convenient to opt for double closets, half of which can be locked with keys, and thus avoid having too many cabinets to empty before each period rent.