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You have probably heard of cases of scams for vacation rentals on the internet. Some malicious people publish fake ads on private ad platforms in order to scam internet users looking for a detached house, a cottage or an apartment for rent for the holidays. For the Serviced Apartments in Salt Lake Kolkata now you will be having the best deals available now. Read more

The Finest Deals for the Short Term Rentals

When considering family vacations, the choice of accommodation is a determining factor, and for several reasons. First, it is often the most important expense in the trip budget and therefore, it is important to choose it well. But also because spending a week in a poorly adapted housing for children, it can quickly become hell for the parents. Here are some tips to choose your Short Term Rentals Kolkata! Read more

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Who says holiday home decoration, says dream and pleasure. But while choosing the style, the accessories of decoration and the atmosphere of his house, it will be useful to integrate the practical elements essential to the well-being with Vacation Rentals Kolkata.

The Decoration of a Holiday Home in the Living Rooms: Dining Room, Living Room, Kitchen

We will first think of the modularity of chairs: to quickly accommodate many guests at the table, we will choose room chairs that marry well between them, and which, even if they are different, can be lowered together in the stay in winter. We can thus opt, either for a total harmony with a single model, or for a mismatched mixture cleverly orchestrated: that is to say with continuity either in the color, or in the form. Read more

Finding the Best Holiday Homes in Kolkata is No More a Problem

Booking holiday homes is for someone of the most exciting moments of the year because they are already projected long before in the destination and start to travel with the mind, while for others it is experienced as a torment to hunt the best offer or last minute holidays with anguish to spend more than necessary. For the  Holiday Homes Kolkata the following information are important. Read more

Why You Need the Best of Vacation Rentals

It is impossible to imagine renting a house during the holidays if it does not have the minimum comfort expected by the tenants. Obviously, electricity, plumbing, and basic furnishings are paramount. But beyond the necessary, there is the comfortable: a modern TV, Internet connection, a hairdryer, a kitchen designed to prepare good local dishes, etc. Read more

The Best of Short Term rentals in Kolkata

The Indian government has been trying to reanimate the hotel business for more than ten years. One after another, resolutions are signed, old hotels are demolished and new ones appear. But the hotel services market doesn’t help officials: the return on investment in it remains low, business processes still suffer from administrative resources, and serious people prefer to invest in more profitable segments. For example, in service apartments, a kind of hybrid of a mini-hotel and an expensive rental apartment. Read more

Serviced Apartments in Park Street Kolkata

Top reasons to rent serviced apartments in Kolkata

North Kolkata real estate is pretty costly for there is a dearth of land. Due to less availability of land in areas like Baghbazar, the cost of renting a serviced apartment is high here. As it is overpopulated, you have to pay huge price to rent a serviced apartment in North Kolkata. If you are in a family trip, business trip or a leisure trip, you need to rent serviced apartments for it is better than a hotel. Serviced apartments in Salt Lake Kolkata is much better than booking a hotel for it is cheaper. Let’s find out the reason behind choosing serviced apartment and why it is better. Read more

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If you are looking for service apartments in Kolkata then Olive service apartments in Kolkata is one of the best you can get. They provide some of the best service apartments in different areas of the city. Service apartments Kolkata have been helping many people to get the best possible place to stay for any purpose. There are some amazing amenities which are available at Olive service apartments. At Olive service apartments in Kolkata, you will get filtered water, 24/7 high-speed wifi and also the best managers to take care of your room. Their apartment is quite spacious and have room for all your accommodation needs. Read more

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“We used the Olive Apartments in Kolkata Service is too good ..everything we need ..he provided us is also nice work properly and including wifi also .. Water is also purified. Everything is fine .. Staff manager is very eco-friendly.. Thanks”

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“The apartment is lovely, quite spacious and comes with its own kitchen! It is central to many restaurants, bars, and tourist attractions as well as being close to a main road which makes the city easy to navigate. Additionally, Deepak & Team could not have been more welcoming and helpful during our stay. Thank you Olive Kolkata  for making our trip so memorable!”