Kolkata Specials: Your Options for a Great Discovery

The capital of West Bengal and the largest city in India, a hive of activity with a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Calcutta has become a bustling and flourishing city, the cultural center, as well as the political and economic life of Bengal. The city that shows stoic maturity in the most suggestive situations and flies high the flags of community harmony, behaves in the most erratic way during a game of cricket. Whether you are staying in a hotel or Service Apartments Kolkata, be the part of the festivities. Read more

Kolkata Blooming with the New Discoveries

The Indian city of Calcutta gained fame as the intellectual center of this country. Numerous monuments of colonial architecture, exotic landscapes, unique temple complexes, a pleasant climate – this is what tourists from all over the world strive for. Read more

The Cultural Values of Kolkata: In Your Eyes

New facets of striking Indian culture, unhurried walks among the aromas of spices and magnificent specimens of colonial British architecture, the cathedral of the Anglican church and the temple of worship of the goddess Kali – all these are unforgettable tours to Kolkata. Read more

The Changing History of Kolkata

A trip to Calcutta is often not easy, indeed Calcutta is a city with a bad reputation. Yet if you visit this city you will quickly understand that it has more to offer than the mother organization Theresa and has hidden gems in the Lonely Planet. In addition it is a city that has a very special atmosphere that often pleases the French. Read more

Kolkata Calling with the Best Places to Stay

Calcutta is a popular destination with 4,600,000 inhabitants. Within its walls, Kolkata (Calcutta) is an ideal starting point for your visit to this remarkable city. Kolkata (Calcutta) is about 0.1 km from the city center to the south. If you’re on the move, you’ll be happy to discover that Kolkata (Calcutta) is 12 km away from Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport. With its buzzing crowd and crowded streets, Calcutta would have everything to baffle. And yet, bubbling, tropical, modern and so traditional at the same time, the old capital of Raj, and that of Bengal, is truly the cultural capital of India and its singular soul is devoted to the nonchalant flâneur. Read more

The Best of Service Apartments You Need Now in Kolkata

In accordance with a collective or employment contract, an organization may provide housing for a nonresident employee. Regardless of whether it is a room in a dorm or a small service apartment, it is required to issue a rental agreement. Read more

The Best of Service Apartments As Per Your Requirement

In order to attract and motivate skilled labor, some companies provide their employees with housing problems with affordable housing, in most cases, rented. There are several ways to conclude such agreements, which depend solely on such factors as taxation, tenant’s responsibility to the owner of the property and some others. Consider the options for such a lease in more detail. Read more

The Most Effective Options with the Service Apartments

Modern companies are characterized by mobility, which means that they are mobile as well. The distribution of staff is always associated with the organization of moving to new places.

Living in hotels is not cheap and is not suitable for family people, especially when moving for a long time is expected. Read more

No More Impractical Searches for the Service Apartments in Kolkata

Well, if people immediately know exactly what kind of service apartment near the posh areas of Kolkata they want to buy. However, sometimes the decision comes unexpectedly, and the question arises – how to correctly formulate a list of requirements for a future apartment, so that the owner will like it in the end. There are several Read more

The important points to discus before buying a service apartment in Kolkata

A list of desired criteria about Service Apartments Kolkata, sorted by individual preference completes a good preparation. It helps to narrow down the search and still leaves enough room for maneuver. Read more