Best time to visit Kolkata

Kolkata is known as the cultural city of India. This is a beautiful place, and there are plenty of events in Kolkata which are worth watching. Let us first know- what is the best time when you can explore this city and its beauty-

  • Summer- In Kolkata summers are the worst as the temperature varies from 35 degrees to 45 degrees and is one of the hottest seasons from March to May. It would be a waste visiting the city this time as you would not be able to come out of your service apartments in Kolkata in such scorching heat. The only time that you would get be able to come out is late in the evening. So it would waste a lot of time as you would not be able to take a tour at that time.


  • Winter- This is the perfect time to visit Kolkata between October to February. The best thing is that you can be a part of Durga pooja as well, which is celebrated there in a very different way and it is so much fun that time. Streets are decorated beautifully, and the entire city is full of enthusiasm and in religious mode. The temperature varies between 9-11 degrees, and there can be rain as well occasionally. So you would enjoy this pleasant weather and would be able to give enough time to explore the city even in the afternoon time.


  • Monsoon- This is also an excellent time to travel as it is not too hot. But the drawback of this season is that the humidity increases a lot, which makes it difficult for a traveler to roam around much. Although the weather is not too hot from June to September. Still, this would not be a fabulous time to visit the city.


Hence the best time to visit Kolkata to enjoy its Durga Pooja and see people enjoying is in Winter. Whether you plan a solo trip or a tour with your family, Service Apartments in Kolkata are the best to book as they offer great deals with excellent facilities.