Best Choices for a Roaming to Kolkata Now

Confused of what to do in Kolkata, then visitors will not be as confused as Kolkata is a famous city everywhere due to the cultural doings carried out in the city. The Kolkata book fair happens to attractprose lovers from everything. The approach the Durga Puja festival held in Calcutta is wonderful and is one of the most extraordinary events in the country. Each and every place in the city of joy, Kolkata is lit with imaginative and artistic Durga pandas and enthusiastic celebrations. During the durga puja, it’s best to book the hotel previously or Service Apartment in Kolkata so that you don’t have to wait for long. Some of the activities carried out in Kolkata are mentioned below:

BhaiPhota festival in Kolkata, India

BhaiDhooj and BhaiPhotahappen to be one and the similar as both happen on the simlar day. In Kolkata BhaiDhooj, use to berenowned with the name of BhaiPhota. On this same day sisters happens to fast for the success, good luck, health and prosperity of their brother and in response, the brother ensures his protection of life time.

Kolkata Book Fair, India

Begin by Guild, the Kolkata Book Fair happens to be the most famous book fair in the city. A 12-day fair that begins on the last Wednesday of January is held in Kolkata Maidan. The collection consists mainly of English and Bengali books.

PoilaBaisakh in Kolkata, India

PoilaBaisakh celebrated a Bengali New Year in mid-April. (Baisakh) which use to be the first day and first month of the Bengali calendar,happens to considered favorable for marriages, etc. The Bengali celebration of the New Year is popularly acknowledged as “PoilaBaisakh” According to the Bengali poila it means first and Baisakh means the first month in the Bengali calendar. It is the first day of the Bengali New Year, which generally comes in mid-April each year.

DurgaPooja in Kolkata, India

The nine-day Durga Puja festival is the most popular and celebrated festival of Calcutta celebrated with great splendor and passion throughout the city. Durga Puja is the festival that marks the victory of the goddess Durga over Mahishasur celebrated between the months of September and October.

KaliPooja in Kolkata (Calcutta), India

Kali Pooja is celebrated in the honor of the goddess Kali. It is a celebration for the destruction of evil and for this a great pooja is performed at midnight. Kali Pooja happens together with Diwali that is celebrated in other parts of the country. This festival is usually celebrated in the months of October or November. Just like durga puja, during diwali as well, booking Service Apartments Kolkata on a pre-planned note is a good idea.