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Kolkata brings the best you can ask for

When planning to go to Calcutta, be sure to specify what is needed for this and the current situation. Everything changes: the conditions and terms for obtaining a visa, the routes and the price of tickets, the cost and the possibility of providing specific services in Calcutta – need to be specified for specific dates.

The Changing History of Kolkata

A trip to Calcutta is often not easy, indeed Calcutta is a city with a bad reputation. Yet if you visit this city you will quickly understand that it has more to offer than the mother organization Theresa and has hidden gems in the Lonely Planet. In addition it is a city that has a […]

Kolkata Calling with the Best Places to Stay

Calcutta is a popular destination with 4,600,000 inhabitants. Within its walls, Kolkata (Calcutta) is an ideal starting point for your visit to this remarkable city. Kolkata (Calcutta) is about 0.1 km from the city center to the south. If you’re on the move, you’ll be happy to discover that Kolkata (Calcutta) is 12 km away […]