3 Things to See in Kolkata: The Must Do’s

Among the things to do and see in Kolkata, the main important is the Indian Museum, the city’s main museum, as well as the oldest in India. The original construction dates back to 1814, but in 1875 it was transferred to the building that still houses it today.

The Museum And The Temple

While you make your stay at the Holiday Homes Kolkata you can head for the museum. The Museum is divided into six sections dedicated to archeology, art, anthropology, geology, zoology and botany and boasts over 60 galleries, as well as a valuable collection of Buddhist art, paintings, Egyptian mummies, antiques, fossils, ornaments and armor. The Temple of Kalighat probably dates back to the 1500s in its original construction, but it was only in the early 1800s that it became most important places of worship for the Hindu. Even today it is most interesting sites for those visiting Kolkata, a destination every day for thousands of people, Hindus on pilgrimage and visitors. Only the former, however, are allowed access to the sancta sanctorum, where the image of the goddess is kept.

From Martyrs To The Queen

The building of Victoria Memorial was build in memory of Queen Victoria later than her demise in 1902, but was opened to the public only many years later, in 1921. The beautiful white marble building, located within the great Park of Maidan, is the work of architect William Emerson and was financed by donations from the British and Indians. Inside there are portraits of English royal families, but also lithographs and documents of great historical interest.

Dakshineshwar Temple

You can stay at the Serviced Apartments in New town Kolkata and head for Dakshineswar. Among the temples dedicated to the Goddess Kali is the most interesting to see is the Dakshineshwar Temple, about twenty kilometers north of Kolkata. It was founded in 1847 by Rani Rasmoni and is still an important religious site for devotees of Shiva, Kali, Radha and Krishna, as well as being the largest temples among many in the city. The temple dedicated to the Divine Mother, the Goddess Kali, is located in the center of the main courtyard.